Dragon Trail MTB

Dragon Trail MTB
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Anyone can see that around Australia, the marathon scene is shrinking. Some of the classics keep fighting on, but the demand for single day 100km races is not what it used to be. And given the costs involved for a one day event it is understandable. Time off work, entry, accommodation, maybe airfares as well – all for a 4-5 hour race. Yes it can be a great experience, but what if with a couple more days off work you did a 3 or 4 day stage race instead? You’ll have nearly triple the trail time, more socialising, more chances for glory if things don’t go your way on one stage – and it’s likely to be a bit more fun. And that’s exactly why there are more short stage races now, and new for 2021 is the Dragon Trail MTB stage race, taking place in the mountain bike hotspot of north east Tasmania. The event was first planned for late March 2020, but – well you know the story.

Located in temperate rainforest in North-East Tasmania, the Blue .... Continue Reading at Marathon MTB

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