Creating a New Big 5 of Wildlife

Creating a New Big 5 of Wildlife
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Walking through the forest, I realised I wasn’t alone. Up ahead, a black bear was rustling through the greenery. It stood tall on its hind legs, oblivious to my presence, and used the trunk of a tree to get rid of an itch on his back, allowing me to watch silently for a while before hiking deeper into the wilderness of Yellowstone National Park. Wild encounters like this stand out as some of my favourite memories from the last 15 years of travelling the world as a photographer and journalist. I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with many of the incredible, diverse species we share the planet with, from Tanzania’s lions and Uganda’s gorillas to the penguins of Antarctica and rare lizards in Mexico’s deserts. Along the way, I’ve also seen many of the severe threats facing the world’s wildlife, from habitat loss to poaching. Despite warnings about bears on hiking trails, or lions, sharks and crocodiles elsewhere, humans are a much greater.... Continue Reading at Elevation Outdoors

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