Bend, Oregon Trail Report: Tyler’s Traverse to Lone Wolf

Bend, Oregon Trail Report: Tyler’s Traverse to Lone Wolf
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New favorite route in Bend? Tiddlywinks to Tyler’s Traverse to Lone Wolf. For some reason I hadn’t ridden Tyler’s Traverse yet; and as a fan of jump filled flow lines, Lone Wolf is also a must-d0.

Lone Wolf is a black diamond jump trail made up of berms, tables and double (gap) jumps, it reminded me of pedaling out to ride the Lair, a jump zone in Bend. The best part of it though, is getting to flow a jump line in the midst of a good ol’ trail riding session.

Here’s a nice edit we found to get the stoke up to check it out.

It appears to be a new addition to the network. According to, the segment was completed in 2018, previously the top portion was considered a black diamond alternative segment of Tyler’s Traverse before the extension and connector were added to bring you back to Tylers. Although there were definitely a few sections I wasn’t quite feeling, off the bat, most of the trail .... Continue Reading at Bermstyle

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