An insider’s guide to WEMBO 24 hour racing

An insider’s guide to WEMBO 24 hour racing
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Racing a 24 hour mountain bike race in the solo category can be anything from a New Years resolution, a dare from a mate, a personal goal, or a professional accomplishment. But the challenge of riding your mountain bike isn’t diminished, not matter the reason for you to sign up to a solo 24 hour mountain bike race.

In November this year, the WEMBO 24 hour MTB World Championships will take place in Armidale, NSW, Australia. While COVID-19 restrictions are likely to impact international participation, the race will no doubt be a goal for lots of endurance mountain bikers in Australia. And perhaps more than usual given there has been almost no mountain bike racing since the middle of March.

We spoke to 24 hour racing specialists Cory Wallace and Kate Penglase for some insights into what makes a successful 24 solo campaign.

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