9point8 Slack-R IS Head Tube Angle Adapter

9point8 Slack-R IS Head Tube Angle Adapter
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9point8, the Canadian component brand known for their Fall Line Dropper post announced the Slack-R Head Tube Angle Adapter this week, offering riders with frames utilizing the IS headtube standard a way to customize their headtube angle.

Looking at the Slack-R, it can be a bit confusing if you aren’t already familiar with the IS standard. Popularly known as the integrated headset, the IS standard utilizes the headtube as a component of the headset. As opposed to a press in cup, bearings are placed directly into the headtube. They’re extremely popular in BMX, where they simplify headset installation as they’re essentially tool-less installs, and frequently utilized in Chromoly MTB dirt jump and fixed gear track bikes as well.

How it works Instead of dropping the headset bearing directly into the frame as usual, the Slack-R drops into the headtube, with the top and bottom components acting as headset cups. The top and bottom cup replac.... Continue Reading at Bermstyle

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