9 Must-Have Essentials for Biking with Kids

9 Must-Have Essentials for Biking with Kids
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I spend a lot of time on two wheels, which inevitably means my family spends a lot of time on two wheels. I have witnessed amazing things and have had life-changing experiences on a bike. From New Belgium’s Tour de Fat to family bikepacking trips to hundreds of miles of hurt-your-cheeks-smiles-inducing singletrack. We keep moving on our bikes because, well, like Einstein so nonchalantly noted “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving”. 

To keep moving, however, you need the right equipment. Bike after bike, accoutrement after accoutrement, we’ve tested our fair share of gear to keep us – and our kids – moving on (at least) two wheels. This round-up shares some of our favorite pieces of bike-centric gear and the accessories that keep us (and our kids) on the trail, whether dirt or paved.

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