5 Gear Suggestions to Spice Up Your Campsite

5 Gear Suggestions to Spice Up Your Campsite
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We’re all spending more time outside these days, and whether you’re a new or veteran camper, it’s time to consider a couple upgrades that can spice up your campsite. Here are five suggestions:

Solar ovens are a fun, unique way to cook around the campsite. Start Playing Around With a Solar Oven Looking for a way to mix up your camp cook routine? Check out what you can do with a solar oven.

The GoSun Portable Solar Oven ($139) is small and light (2 lbs), works in cloudy weather, and is a must-have toy for any and all enthusiastic camp chefs. Reflective panels focus the sun’s light with impressive power, capable of boiling water even on a cloudy day. The long interior cooking tube can hold meat, potatoes, and veggies – typically enough for two people, although a wide range of sizes and setups exist. Its easy to load, and is safe for kids (exterior of oven does not get hot). The setup makes it practical; the fact that you get to.... Continue Reading at Elevation Outdoors

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