5 Best Camp Games for Kids

5 Best Camp Games for Kids
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The tent is set up, dinner is done, and the s’mores are on the way, but the kids are getting antsy. If you have “camp counselor” on your past-life list, sing-a-longs and camp games are your jam. For the rest of us: commence interweb searches! Luckily, we have you covered. Some of my favorite go-to games include spontaneous no-frills options and a few pre-planned options. Read on for all the deets. 

Cloud Shapes

If I were a gambling woman, I’d wager just about any one of you reading this have laid on your back or pressed your forehead against a car window to scope the sky. While bluebird days are more common than not down here in southern Colorado, we’re lucky enough to get a few clouds now and again. This no-frills game inspires imagination and might even give you a small glimpse into how wild of an imagination your toddler has. Speaking of, did anyone else see that porcupine chasing a T-Rex? 

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