100,000km On Belt Drive: The Best Bicycle Drivetrain Available!

100,000km On Belt Drive: The Best Bicycle Drivetrain Available!
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I’ve been riding belt drive across continents since 2010, and after more than 100,000km across one hundred countries – I’m ready to tell you there is no better touring, bikepacking or commuting drivetrain available.

I’ve taken belts across the hottest deserts, into icy snowfields, through dense jungles, along beaches, up muddy tracks and to the top of the highest road in the world. I suspect there are few people on Earth with the same real-world experience as me.

In this article, we’ll look at what belt drive is, what the advantages and disadvantages are and then I’ll go through the frequently asked questions to make sure that no rock is left unturned.

This is NOT a sponsored article, I haven’t invested in any belt drive businesses and I am free to use chains on my bikes at any time. I’m just a big ol’ fan of belts and I hope you can soon see why.

What Is Belt Drive?

Belts are used to r.... Continue Reading at Cycling About

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