10 Great Climbs to Communication Towers

10 Great Climbs to Communication Towers
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“Just for Fun”

Communication towers are often at the top of great cycling climbs. It makes sense, as it’s helpful for them to be high and have clear views in many directions. And they need a road up, so they can be maintained. Perfect.

My criteria for the best communication tower climbs:

Big and challenging. Dominating views, hopefully 360 degrees. Visible from afar/below. This list is not even remotely complete. Feel free to add your favourite in the comments.

Here are my favourites

#1 Puy-de-Dôme The legendary dormant volcano Puy de Dôme is the most famous cycling climb in the Massif Central. For a LONG time, cyclists have had very limited access to this climb.

Last decade it was a couple of hours every Wednesday morning. Then in 2012, they opened a train that fills half the road on the final 4.8 kilometres and cyclists were permanently banned, except for ONE day a year. Details of that day.... Continue Reading at Cycling Challenge

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