BIG CHANGES! Van life in Canada?

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Big changes are coming! The covid-19 pandemic caused a huge halt in all travel but things are changing. Is it finally possible to cross an international border? Come along as we attempt to cross and do VAN LIFE in Canada! What to watch next: THE VAN BUILD SERIES - Chef Nat in the kitchen - Get to know us - Are the covid-19 travel restrictions finally easing up? How do you cross a border in 2021 post pandemic? We're about to find out as we attempt to cross the USA-CANADA border. Come with us for an experience we did not expect! Thanks for watching! 💜 Nat & Abi Bear + Peluche ~ CONNECT WITH US IN BETWEEN VIDEOS INSTAGRAM @letsplayrideandseek : BLOG ~ JOIN OUR PATREON FAMILY! Watch exclusive videos and get early access to Sunday Vlogs. OR Send a one-time tip to help us keep crea.... Continue Reading at Nat & Abi

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