[Big Bend] Window Trail + The Best BBQ in Midland, Texas – Vol. 1 [4K]

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The first installment of our ten-day excursion into the Midland, Big Bend National Park, Terlingua, and Marfa, Texas. We hiked, canoe'd, 4x4'd, and waded our way across the international borderlands during an unforgettable week in South Texas. (Map of our route: 0:16) After several months living in the urban heart of Dallas, Texas for graduate studies, we were headed South on the time-honored tradition of University Spring Break; we were looking forward to a week of desert exploration in the Texas / Mexico Borderlands, at Big Bend National Park and the surrounding regions of Terlingua and Marfa. But First – BAR-B-Q! 0:31 KD’s is a legendary spot in the Oil and Gas mecca of Midland, TX… I first experienced KD’s in my West Texas undergraduate days, and was happy to return. Any time you’re in the area, I really can’t recommend it highly enough. 1:06 We enjoyed the smoked treats, and even had dessert, but the sweetest treat was walking outside to one of those textbook Permian Basin sunsets. Despite finding the motherlode of Casserole beans while stocking up, our luck ran out when the Landy blew a wheel bearing. My steel wheels and beating of the car took its eventual toll on the rear wheel bearing… after finding a shop that was open, we were told it would take several days to receive the part from the distributor.. so we transferred our loadout to a rental 4x4 Frontier, got some Ice Cream, and were Southbound 385 to the border… our goal was to have the LR3 ready for when our friends arrived in a few days. 1:35 Due to the technical difficulty, our plans shifted… but now we were in for a treat, as we would get to hike the storied Window Trail at sunset. The Window Beneath the Window - Patricia Clothier's story of growing up in the 1930s and 1940s before the area was a National park, recalling her childhood filled with rattlesnakes and drought, accidents, loneliness, and the financial hardships of the Great Depression. An interesting note is her anecdote of water catchments built by her father which were destroyed by the park system (along with their house) as part of "returning the park to nature", but in their attempt to return to nature, they upended the work of the crafty settlers and their conserve cation-by-necessity. One of my favorite takeaways from this book is similar to a phrase I say when discussing historical or events in far off lands, “the physics engine is still the same”… the rules of Big Bend are timeless. The stories of the Clothiers and so many Texan settlers who established these lands are everywhere in these parts of the Lone Star State… many times you just have to ask, and you’ll hear larger than life family stories, of proud folk. 2:17 This 1951 photo is similar to the view Patricia Clothier and her family would have enjoyed in the New Deal era. Thank you for enjoying. Music courtesy of FreeMusicArchive + Kai Engel's brilliance.

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