[Big Bend] Over the Rio Grande and Up into the Chisos Mountains – Vol. 2 [4K]

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It’s always nice to arrive at night, and be surprised by your surroundings in the morning. We unzipped the tent to a rare desert fog and played the wonderful tune of a jetboil working its magic. 4:05 ~ – we were treated to another rare sight as we glimpsed what I understand to be an orgographic föhn wall breaking over the desert mesa. The föhn wall occurs when a steep leeward boundary of cumuliform clouds that form on the peaks and upper windward side of the mountains appear as a vertical wall while the wind descends to warmer, dryer air. 4:20 – we made it in to the park and were overwhelmed by the literal superbloom of wild Texas Bluebonnets. The park rangers told us it was one of the greatest blooms in several decades.. and it’s quite evident why… we were so taken aback by the flowers we decided to stop and take pictures… though unbeknownst to us, the real oceans of Bluebonnets lay in store for us were a few hills away. While we would soon be backpacking high up into the Chisos mountains, Our first order of business upon entering the National park was to go to Mexico! On the Southern end of the park there is a bonafide border crossing into the sleepy town of Boquillas, Mexico, where one can employ any means desirable to cross the international river. It Is apparent upon your arrival that this is a very real crossing indeed, as folks can be observed arriving and departing the United States of America into and from Mexico. It’s quite a sight, as enterprising Mexicans have established a fine ferry service to deliver you from one side to the other… if you don’t want to get wet. 5:38 – we were also able to witness what appears to be Harvard engineering students proving a hypothesis on means to delivering wood across the river.. what a treat. 6:20 you know, maybe folks in Boquillas have it all figured out 7:00 – Knowing we had miles of hiking ahead of us, we thought Sami may be able to rest on the way in to town, so we chartered a donkey from one of Boquillas’ budding young entrepreneurs.. I decided to stroll alongside.’ Not shortly after arriving we were greeted by a family member of the boy, who led us into town and described the layout of where we may enjoy finding food or an iced cold Margarita. 7:30 – we knew our destination, however, the World Famous Jose Falcons! And got our Margaritas, to boot! 8:00 – history of Boquillas, mining town 1919 shut 9/11 impacted severely – previously two separate nations border untilshut 8:10 – after exploring the town, we opted to both walk back, and made our way back towards America… the mountains were calling, and we had to go. 8:25 – About 37 million years ago, Scientists speculate the Chisos were formed as a result of volcanic activity jutting the jagged rocks upwards to the heavens forming the Southernmost Mountain Range in the United States… others say they were crafted by God. We were headed straight up, to camp in the shadow of Emory Peak, at the beautiful “Colima 2” backcountry site.. 8:55and it was bear season! The lichen on the rock is equally fascinating as the birds in the trees! It’s worth noting this area requires a special permit that you must receive IN PERSON, in which you will reserve designated sites which are first come, first serve. Normally the park is large enough that a site will be available for you and your companions. 9:22 – the Chisos are renowned for the beautiful colors and bountiful wildlife, and the South Rim Trail immediately proved to live up to its mighty reputation as what many consider to be the most beautiful mountains in the Great state of Texas. As we ascended, we kept our eyes peeled for a trailing Buck, or a flaring ray. 10:02 As we entered the treeline, we came across the captivating Ursus Americanus, the black bear native to these here parts. Marvelous creatures, but with no mama bear in sight, we followed the law of nature and kept moving.. we were already planning on another night time insert, so we wanted to make the best use of the twilight hours.. and enjoy the unique views of the sun splashing its rays across the wonderous rocks of the Chisos. 10:47 – The wonderful evening lighting also means night movements, be sure you’ve checked your map for catching terrain features to help guide you once the lights go off. Fortunately, the South Rim Trail is a well-marked trail with ample, clear signage. 11:13 – the sky glowed with a welcoming serene hue that really made the mountains come alive as we approached the landmark icon of the aptly-named Boot Canyon. 11:25 – we pushed from Boot Canyon about another mile to arrive at Colima 2, Mr. Rabbit showed us before we enjoy dinner under the stars before racking out.

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