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Van Life | We PAINTED our VAN with SPRAY CANS | The best rattle can paint job In this video, we show you how we paint our van with regular rustoleum spray paint. We know, we know... painting a van with spray paint sounds not so smart nor professional but I think we did a great job and the results are just INSANE even tho we didn’t use a paint spray gun setup. It took a lot more work than we anticipated but in the end we are super happy with the outcome because we painted our van on a low budget and still got great professional results. FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA PHILIP & LIDIA'S INSTAGRAM : LIDIA'S INSTAGRAM : PHILIP'S INSTAGRAM : FOLLOW US ON PINTEREST: 𓂀 DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE 𓂀 :​ VISIT OUR WEBSITE 👉🏽̴.... Continue Reading at Philip & Lidia

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