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WELCOME BACK to life on the road with Nat and Abi. We’re back living in a van full time and settling in to life on the road. thank you to every single one of you beautiful people that are tuning in. If you are new to our channel, welcome. If you’ve been keeping up with us for some time, you’ll know Abi and I just took a month hiatus from our channel for some much needed personal restoration after gutting and rebuilding our tiny home on wheels. It was such a monumental journey to recreate our ultimate dream cabin and it was worth every moment. With that being said, we needed to step back once it was said and done to re align ourselves with the pure enjoyment of what life on the road meant for us. We hope you enjoy this video catching you up on all that we’ve done while we were taking a break. It feels so surreal to be starting chapter two of this incredible life. Once again we hope you subscribe and join us every week to see what we will be doing .... Continue Reading at Nat & Abi

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