Arapahoe Basin’s New Aerial Adventure Park!

Arapahoe Basin’s New Aerial Adventure Park!
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Story by Katherine Fuller, pictured above

“Oh, good. I wanted to see how this was going to go.”

My husband was standing about 30 feet below me looking up with an eager grin on his face. I had reached the point at Arapahoe Basin Ski Area’s new aerial adventure park where I was supposed to hook my safety harness to an arresting cable and casually step off a tiny platform. 

A friendly staff member in a bright orange helmet and safety gear was calmly trying to convince me that the cable would catch immediately and I’d float gently to the soft forest floor below. My husband was amused by the situation and therefore wholly unhelpful. He was also buzzing from having just completed a big zipline ride across a wide ski run and his own jump off a 40-foot platform on the hardest course in the adventure park. All around us, other people were whooping and cheering as they swung, traversed and flew through the forest.

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