AK Monthly Recap: August 2020

AK Monthly Recap: August 2020
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I always dreamed of spending a summer hopping along the Adriatic. I would touch down in Venice and head to Piran in Slovenia, making my way down the coasts of Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, and Greece.

Well, I kind of got that. I never dreamed it would be under these circumstances.

I am beyond thankful that Croatia gave me and my boyfriend what we needed — a place where we could be together at a time when we’re banned from each other’s countries. Beyond that, this trip allowed me to work with companies that believed my work mattered, even in this time of turmoil in the travel industry, and I was able to get to know Croatians more intimately.

While this was my third trip to Croatia, this is the first time I ended up discussing the war with locals. Cautiously, guardedly. I appreciated getting to know a side of Croatia that is often kept hidden from visitors.

Here’s what I got up to this month.

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