You Should Be Downloading Your Trail Maps

You Should Be Downloading Your Trail Maps
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On most trips and in most locations, to navigate I rely primarily on my paper topographic maps, ABC (altimeter, barometer, compass) or GPS watch, and magnetic compass. As both a backup and supplement to these tools, my smartphone has a GPS app like CalTopo (good) or Gaia GPS (better), which I use to access downloaded map data for offline use.

A GPS smartphone app has two purposes:

It acts as a map library, in case your printed documents are damaged or lost or if you unexpectedly hike off course.  It has the same functionality you’d expect of a traditional handheld GPS—like pinpointing its location and navigating to waypoints—but is lighter, less expensive, and more user-friendly. Collectively, these four instruments constitute my navigation system. Some hikers may consider my preferences old-fashioned, since it’s increasingly common to navigate exclusively or primarily with GPS. But I value the reliability and effi.... Continue Reading at Outside Online

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