Yes, I Sleep with My Food in the Backcountry

Yes, I Sleep with My Food in the Backcountry
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Last year I discussed my five recommended food-storage techniques, including when to employ each one. Many readers were skeptical about the last of these options—sleeping with it. Here I’ll go into more detail about when and why it may be appropriate and what my results have been.

First, a disclaimer: sleeping with your food—possible bait for wild animals—intuitively seems riskier than storing it farther away from camp. There are ways to mitigate this risk, but if you decide to sleep with your food, the consequences are on you.

Sleeping with Food If I’m sleeping in an enclosed shelter, I keep my food inside it. If I’m cowboy-camping, I sleep on it or immediately next to it. Often I use my food bag as a knee rest, to relieve pressure on my back. It can make a decent pillow, too.

Food should not be left on the ground nearby. From the perspective of an opportunistic food thief, unattende.... Continue Reading at Outside Online

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