What It’s Really Like to Live the Roadlife

What It’s Really Like to Live the Roadlife
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We love a good road trip story. We’re not alone, either. The new American dream seems practically cemented in the idea of quitting your corporate job, finding a Vanagon/Westfalia/Sprinter on Craigslist and hitting the road in search of adventure and new job opportunities. (And don’t you dare try to tell us we won’t instantly score a travel-writing job once we hit the highway. We’re not listening.)

Gear That Will Take Your Roadlife Experience to the Next Level Read article Yep, the notion of the roadlife is as romantic as they come, as alluring as a fairytale with a few less castles and a couple more bad gas-station burritos. But the reality? Simply put, roadlife is real life, says Gale Straub.

Gale Straub travels the country in a 2004 Mercedes Sprinter with her boyfriend, Huckberry’s Jon Gaffney. Photo: Courtesy of Straub Yes, she quit her corporate job. Yes, she cruises in a retrofitted 2004 Mercedes Sprinter va.... Continue Reading at Men's Journal Adventure

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