This Fantasy Book Was Written by a Park Service Ranger

This Fantasy Book Was Written by a Park Service Ranger
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When Emily B. Martin was a kid, she had lots of dream jobs, including writer, illustrator, and National Park Service ranger. But all three at once? She never imagined she’d hit that jackpot. Today, however, that’s exactly what she’s doing, using her experiences as a park ranger as inspiration for popular adventure-fantasy novels.

Martin’s latest book, Sunshield, is an engrossing story that takes place in a troubled world full of dramatic landscapes. It covers hefty themes like conservation, human trafficking, and gender equality, and its settings are inspired by environments Martin knows well. “I first conceived of Sunshield when I was working in Yellowstone as a ranger,” she says. “Like many of my stories, it was really the natural setting that fueled the story.” 

It is the first title in a duology that Martin is calling The Ou.... Continue Reading at Outside Online

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