The Virtual Outdoors

The Virtual Outdoors
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Here are the best ways to beat the quarantine blues at home—and prepare to get back out there when things open up again. photo by Natasha Buffo

We are movers. We travel, climb, ride, hike, and even power through yoga. We always have a bag packed for somewhere (even if it’s just the climbing gym). We feel most ourselves when we’re immersed in nature, and we normally don’t spend extended periods of time being cooped up at home. Since that’s all changed, we offer the following options to help you reconnect with your passions and the great outdoors— until you actually can get out again.

Explore Our Public Lands Need a mental health break? Thanks to Google Earth you can now explore 31 national parks from the comfort of your couch. Drop into the heart of Denali, take in sweeping views of the Grand Canyon, visit waterfalls pouring over granite cliffs in Yosemite, tour Yellowstone’s Old Faithful geyser, wander beaches and cli.... Continue Reading at Elevation Outdoors

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