The Sublime Agony of Hot-Weather Running

The Sublime Agony of Hot-Weather Running
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A few weeks ago, I received a PR email offering to put me in touch with an Accuweather meteorologist who, remarkably, was also a runner. “With more readers now trying to pinpoint the best time in their day for an outdoor run,” the email read, this savvy weatherperson would be able to “provide expert insight on this summer’s running forecast and tips on how to plan an outdoor run like a meteorologist.” I didn’t end up taking advantage of this unique opportunity—as the Dostoevsky of running writers, I prefer to focus on the big questions like when it’s appropriate for a man to run shirtless—but I’m going to guess that the expert insight would have amounted to something along the lines of: “Try to avoid running when it’s really fucking hot.” 

Then again, I’m the last person who has any right to be a smartass about this. I live in New York City and during the excruciating summer .... Continue Reading at Outside Online

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