The Race That Tried to Heal a New York Neighborhood

The Race That Tried to Heal a New York Neighborhood
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In the summer of 1992, an undocumented immigrant from the Dominican Republic named José “Kiko” García was killed by a police officer in Washington Heights, the stretch of upper Manhattan which back then had an unenviable reputation of being the “most murderous neighborhood” in New York City. Subsequent peaceful protests led by city councilman Guillermo Linares eventually devolved into days of rioting. According to The New York Times, the conflagration resulted in 139 arrests, 14 building fires, and 121 damaged vehicles, as several businesses in Washington Heights closed up shop to wait out the storm. 

One establishment that did not close, however, was Coogan’s—an Irish pub on the corner of 169th Street and Broadway that would eventually dub itself the nation’s #1 Runners’ Restaurant, before going out of business for COVID-related reasons earlier this year. In 1992, instead of boarding up.... Continue Reading at Outside Online

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