The Outdoor Chair That Saved My Quarantine

The Outdoor Chair That Saved My Quarantine
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I am writing this review from a camp chair in my backyard. Three months ago, that sentence might have read like a thinly veiled humble brag about the flexibility of my long-standing work-from-home schedule—but that is no longer the case as the world continues to be locked down by the pandemic. I’m here out of fear of annoying my swamped wife in our shared office or stepping on a creaky board in our hall and waking up our napping daughter, which would torpedo productivity for the both of us the rest of the afternoon. I can’t complain, though, because I’m thankful for work, the weather is lovely, and the Coleman Aluminum Deck Chair with Swivel Table ($66) that I’m sitting in is awesome.

I first reviewed this straightforward deck seat two years ago at the advice of my old friend Tommy Fallon. Fallon is an expert in all things, including Chevy Suburbans, car-camping equipment, and how to cook perfect bratwurst. When I told him .... Continue Reading at Outside Online

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