Sudden Solitude on One of the World’s Busiest Mountains

Sudden Solitude on One of the World’s Busiest Mountains
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The first mountain I ever climbed was Snowdon.

I can close my eyes now and see the view from its peak. Ireland floats far away across a silver sea. Cliffs swoop down to glacial lakes, where the reflections of clouds live in the cold fathoms. Snowdon’s summit has the magic properties found on all true mountains: Immortal rock. Infinite air. The brief, happy delusion that you are sovereign over all you see.

But if you have been to the top, you’ll know I’m kind of lying. Because much of the time, the view is of people. A river of people flowing uphill. People posing for Instagram. People queuing for 40 minutes to stand on the summit. People who climbed up here to look out at the heavens and the earth but who ended up looking at each other instead.

At 3,547 feet, Snowdon is the highest point in Wales, higher than anything in neighboring England, and it is believed by many to be the world’s busiest mountain. This is .... Continue Reading at Outside Online

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