In Defense of Crocs, the Perfect Outdoor Shoe

In Defense of Crocs, the Perfect Outdoor Shoe
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When I first saw Crocs in a store, hanging on a rack like a cacophony of ugliness, I swore I’d never own a pair. The company launched in 2002 as a boat-shoe brand and is known for making ugly footwear. Former Project Runway star and fashion icon Tim Gunn once said they made his feet look like hooves. He’s not wrong. They’re the least flattering shoes on the planet. 

For years I worked as a lifeguard and swim instructor at a summer camp in Concord, Massachusetts. Surrounded by teachers and hippie counselors who donned this cushioned footwear, I made a choice to ignore my fellow pool staffers and forego Crocs. They made perfect sense because they were waterproof and closed toe—a camp requirement—but I wore Nike Dunks or Vans instead. When it rained and I walked campers to their parents’ cars, I suffered the consequences: my socks and shoes got drenched and I’d.... Continue Reading at Outside Online

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