How to Pick the Best Climbing Shoe for Your Foot

How to Pick the Best Climbing Shoe for Your Foot
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Climbing shoes can be a complicated purchase, especially when you are first starting out. Even for long-time climbers who haven’t quite found that exact fit, the quest for the perfect shoe can sometimes seem endless.

The sheer number of options can feel overwhelming, but knowing the basics can help you make a more informed decision. Just like your street shoes or boots, each shoe will have a “last” which dictates the fit due to the shape and volume. The next things to think about are the materials. Most climbing shoes will be leather, which tends to stretch more or synthetic, which tends to keep the shoe’s original shape. Next would be the stiffness and the shape of the rubber. Lastly would be the closure of the shoe which most often is lace-up, slip-on or velcro.

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