How to Make the Most of the Fall Running Season

How to Make the Most of the Fall Running Season
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With crisp weather and gorgeous scenery, fall is a great time to run. But the change in season also brings fewer daylight hours, tighter schedules, and increasingly cooler temperatures. For some runners, making the adjustment—and staying motivated—can be challenging. Sound familiar? Here’s how to embrace the season.

1) Find a Partner “It’s simple human psychology: you’re much less likely to flake on a workout if you know you’re accountable to someone,” says Carrie Cheadle, a certified mental-performance consultant and co-author of Rebound: Train Your Mind to Bounce Back Stronger from Sports Injuries. This applies to both getting out the door and pushing yourself harder in the actual workout. “People need someone to own up to,” says Coach Morgon Latimore, who works with runners of all abilities. “We’re a driven society and don’t want to let anyone down.”Another great thing about partne.... Continue Reading at Outside Online

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