Helpful Tips for Cooking While on the Road

Helpful Tips for Cooking While on the Road
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The adage “It’s the journey, not the destination” doesn’t just apply to driving, flying, or traveling by train; it can also describe adventures with food. Follow these steps to making meals on the go and streamline your time from pot to plate.

What You Need Store cooking supplies in a bin for travel on the road. Photo: Charli Kerns Spend good money for the stove; the rest is surprisingly affordable. (You don’t have to get camping-specific gear.) Here’s a list of common items to have in your arsenal.

– Camp stove
– Propane
– Fireplace lighter or matches
– Cookware like spatulas and a can opener
– Cutting board and knives
– Cups, plates, and utensils
– A couple of pots
– Paper towels
– A few trash bags and zip-top bags

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