Are Your Days All a Blur? Here’s How to Change That.

Are Your Days All a Blur? Here’s How to Change That.
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One day bleeds into the next. Time feels hazy and surreal. Multiple friends have told me that, as a result of the coronavirus lockdowns, they no longer have any real sense for what day of the week it is. 

One hypothesis for why we’re feeling this way is that many normal markers of time no longer exist. Maybe you used to drive to work and then come home, go to the gym on certain days, or go out for dinner and a movie on the weekend. Without such events to separate work from home, afternoon from evening, and weekday from weekend, it’s no wonder so many people are feeling a bit lost.

As I’ve written before, research shows that routines are beneficial for a variety of reasons. They help you activate when you’re feeling low, automate decisions so you don’t burn willpower, and prime your mind-body system to more easily groove into the task at hand. Perhaps .... Continue Reading at Outside Online

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