Adventures in Lockdown with Seven Full-Size Roommates

Adventures in Lockdown with Seven Full-Size Roommates
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My father and I were sitting at a small indoor table, eating roasted Cornish game hens while we looked out at well-kept grounds below us. The meal was a good step forward—it was the first time he’d been out of his room to eat for at least a week. He was smiling and laughing at my dumb jokes when a man approached us and, somewhat haltingly, introduced himself as Gavin Locklear, administrator for the Carol Woods Retirement Community in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

“I apologize about this, but we’ve had to introduce a new policy regarding visitors,” he said. “Only staff and essential workers are allowed to visit building four for the time being. The policy went into effect this morning.”

“You mean family can’t visit?” I asked. “I understand why you’re saying this, but this is pretty awful. Do I have to leave right now?”

“I know, and I’m sorry. Please feel.... Continue Reading at Outside Online

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