A High Route Across The Wind River Range

A High Route Across The Wind River Range
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  [NOTE: 2020 is the tenth year of my blog at Semi-Rad.com, and since I started it, I’ve been fortunate to get to do some pretty wonderful adventures. Throughout this year, I’ll be writing about 12 favorite adventures I’ve had since I started writing about the outdoors, one per month. This is the eighth in the series. The other stories are here.]

In the pre-dawn hours before the first day of our trip, I stared at the ceiling of the van above the mattress as I tried to get back to sleep—“trying to sleep,” of course, to an insomniac, meaning “tried to think of everything that we should have packed for a 6- to 8-day backpacking trip, even though it was way too late to purchase or acquire anything at that point.”

Parked near the Green River Lakes trailhead at the northern end of Wyoming’s Wind River Range, I had at least three worries about problems that could come up for Hilary and me over the next week, some that.... Continue Reading at Semi-Rad

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