2020 Is the Year of the Short-Travel 29er

2020 Is the Year of the Short-Travel 29er
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Each year there’s at least one category from our bike test that steals the spotlight. This is particularly true when it comes to mountain bikes. Fat bikes, plus bikes, and enduro bikes have all taken center stage in previous tests. But without a doubt, the trendy category for 2020 is the short-travel 29er trail bike.

Terms such as “aggressive cross-country” and, more commonly, #downcountry have been used to describe the growing field of highly capable mountain steeds. These models have a bit more travel than cross-country race bikes with long and slack geometry. Most of the 29ers in our test served up between 110 and 130 millimeters of front and rear suspension, with slack head angles and long reach numbers that are in line with many enduro bikes. 

There are a lot of reasons to love what’s happening in this category. Enduro bikes are great for shuttle laps in the bike park and for actual enduro racing, but.... Continue Reading at Outside Online

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