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Get the Renovation How-To eBook: https://bit.ly/3BfYzEE In 2019 I bought this 200+ year-old house that had not been lived in for over 20 years. I spent six weeks clearing the house and barn, went to the UK built a van for us to live in (see here https://youtu.be/RRhiIr4c424 ) I then worked for four months to do the roof and big structural work. After a couple of months' break in winter, I came back to hard-core lock-downs and spent 8 more non-stop months transforming the old house into a modern eco-friendly home. I estimate it took about 4000 hours to build the house in total. As I had not built a house before this involved me learning how to do plumbing, electrics, welding, structural work, roof building, bathroom and kitchen installation, wood flooring, furniture making, tiling, heat recovery, and solar installation and so so much more. It was quite a journey, hard work at times but now I have a dream house in a place I love to spend time. Life is good! I have documented this build into an eBook that share with you all the practicalities and things I have learned from doing this house renovation: Get the How to Buy & Renovate a House eBook here: https://bit.ly/3BfYzEE Other videos to watch; Crazy stuff I found in the house: https://youtu.be/Wb2VA7UGwDs How to buy a house in Spain: https://youtu.be/hnsaYm0CiE8 ALL the vlogs that show the house renovation: https://bit.ly/3ut5Dc6 Connect with Nate Murphy: 📸 Nate is on Instagram: http://bit.ly/2ZVaHri #houserenovation #restoration #diy

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