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We have been making videos for the past five years to YouTube with Gopro 4 camera and stabilizer. Now the equipment is starting to fail on us and we need replacement! Gopro 10 is a huge upgrade to our camera equipment. No more setup times when assembling stabilizer, it has internal stabilizer. We can just start the camera and start shooting, helps us to film more content from our day to day life, when its not a hassle to film small things on our lifes. Order VANTASTIC STICKERS Price 20 EUR or 24 USD https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/Vantasticvan OBS! Write down your full address to the message field, so we can send you the Vantastic stickers. This is the direct way of supporting us continue making Vantastic videos. Thank you so much! Best regards, Joni and Sara (team Vantastic)

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