8 New Wolf Pups For California’s Lone Wolfpack!

8 New Wolf Pups For California’s Lone Wolfpack!
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Some of the Lassen wolfpack pups. KRCR photo

 The Lassen wolfpack has brought 8 adorable pups into the world, the packs 4th litter. The litter consists of 4 confirmed males and 2 confirmed females, awaiting results on the other 2 pups. The Lassen pack stands as California’s only documented wolf pack and now sits at 14 animals total. The pack has gained a new father figure this year, as the previous male disappeared last summer. The disappeared wolf was the famous OR-7 wolf, noted as being the first wild wolf in CA in the past 87 years!

A beautiful example of Canis Lupus (Grey Wolf). Unsplash

In a quote by Amaroq Weiss, a senior West Coast wolf advocate at the Center for Biological Diversity. She says “These little ones give hope to everyone who wants to see wolves re-established in the places these beautiful animals once called home.” The Lassen pack is the second documented wolfpack in almost 10.... Continue Reading at Snowbrains

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