5 Cool Astronomy Events and Where to See Them

5 Cool Astronomy Events and Where to See Them
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There’s something so magical about seeing the night sky come alive, whether it’s watching a colorful harvest moon float above the horizon or noticing that Venus is extra bright. Most of the time, I learn about an upcoming astronomical event at the last minute, meaning I’m hastily setting an alarm for 2 AM and squinting to see the night sky from my backyard.

I live in a relatively small city, so I can often catch a glimpse. Still, it’s no match for the experience of catching a meteor shower in the backcountry, especially from a campsite on the river. These five river trips are worth making it onto your bucket list anytime, but plan them to coincide with an astronomical event, and they’ll blow your mind.

The Best River Trips for Astronomy Lovers

Planetary conjunction // Colorado River, Utah Bring your camera for this one. Most Septembers, Mars gets close enough to view with the naked eye. Often, another planet approaches closely eno.... Continue Reading at Oars

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