2022 happy new year time to start planning the new rv season now it’s time to camp

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2022 Happy New Year time to start planning the new rv season now! Yep, that’s the way I’m looking at January. But before I get to 2022 and planning the new RV season, I just wanted to say, “Thank you!” You all have made this RV season such a joy, I RV because I love it and it’s fun, I share because I want others to enjoy it if they can or at least virtually. When I got my first RV back in 2016, I vowed I would pay it forward and share all of what I’m doing in the RV world to say thank you to all of those I watched before I got my RV and I hope you’re getting something from this channel as well, So here’s the deal, I’m taking off January and part of February for posting every other week. At least I say that’s the plan, but I’ve often dropped some fun videos in between seasons. In February-ish, we’ll start gearing up for what 2022 holds as I’ll start planning the new RV season! If you want to check.... Continue Reading at RV Jedeye

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